Management and the company

Beauty Art Management is an open-minded who has highly qualified expertise, learning, qualifications, and education. The staff works within organized departments under the slogan of “every person is in the right place” according to his qualifications and experience. The policy of the interior department is based on the obligation to ensure all the rights of employees within considered& deliberated standards legally &socially.In addition to that, the company considers the technique of rewarding the consistent and giving the abusive an opportunity to correct the error by himself before taking any strict action against him .Then the management imposes the commitment on employee by making him apply standards of ethics such as secretariat and the persistence on serious progress towards the best.

The Executive Staff of Work

The executive staff of work consists of administrators and beauty experts who have highly qualifications and advanced experiences. They are specialized from Europe; France, Czech Republic, and Germany. They are obtained legalized certificates by the best beauty institutions which are legally considered in Europe and Syria. Their expertise based on the extract of the science concluded by beauty experts and dermatologists for the formation laws and principles that are certified and applicable by high academic health & beauty institutions. So the staff of the company gains a very excellent experience of skin and beauty science. Therefore ,the team depends entirely in its researches and studies on the results of clinical tests, realistic & true conclusions that are based on the reactions of the of skin’s types in order to make sure  of using the effective application and treatment after the correct scientific diagnosis.

The Activity of the Technical Cosmetic Department

Technical management of cosmetic and skin care is the backbone of the company. The specialists and experts always insist on supporting the education of beauty advisers about the skin science ; offering them the best explaining means and practical application by presenting regular professional training that is based on advanced scientific technology of skin science to achieve successful  healthy results .So The experts teach the selective team of beauty advisers the applied methods of skin science from A to Z .Moreover; they present a merged panorama with an analyzing study of the products in order to make them know the item’s ingredients and their effects on the skin. . As a result of that, they would be able to prescribe the products and suitable treatment in the correct way; especially when they could define exactly the exact type of skin.

Company Strategy

The company relies consecutive annual plans that based on its

 Private strategy in order to offer them to the market; to define and introduce itself and its agencies that have global brands.

The following points are taken in the consideration:.


1 - Training and Development:
The selection of company's staff is subjected  to the set of conditions  integrated by the administration of  human sources whether they are : vendors, representatives, administrators, accountants and trustees warehouses .Moreover those employees are subjected  to a periodical evaluation to test their information regarding sales , knowing new products ,and  marketing  . Then they will be supported by training from time to time by the  Company's marketing managers and  beauty experts until they would be able to perform their duties as better as they could , especially the team of sales , beauty advisers  who will be subjected  to a continuous enrichment in the field of  product  marketing such as their characteristics ,  promotions , specifications of the product and  its uses (advantages and attributes), prices , appropriate sales methods and keeping on  the appearance and  reputation of our company as well as brand agencies   being  always  good   including decent history of the company and the brand in the market as required.

2 - Marketing Plan which is a mix of the following factors:

A - Product:    pay attention to the brand; the products effectiveness and glory; until they will be reached to the point of sales and to the consumer at the end in addition to the required explanation about the products by our company sales team for both the shop owners or to the final consumer



Our company study   the prices of the local market, competitive companies and consumer needs; and then set prices that are for final consumer, so in this case the retail price is the same price that is depended by our company to be unique in all the P.O. S in Syria. On the other hand, according to profit that is given to the shop owners by us; it is a discount for retail price ,the percent of discount is considered   according to the following conditions : 

the location of stand which is  the mechanism of brand appearance , the quantity of yearly sales , the strategy of sale , and the classification of gallery(A ,B, and  C) . So usually  all the points and conditions  mentioned earlier are applied and confirmed  via signed contracts by both sides( company & customer)



4 - Sales and Distribution

After dividing the markets of  Syrian governorates depending on sales targets and areas that are desired to have P.O.S . and to be spread  accordingly to the definite  plan ,The distribution delegate  with  private cars that belong to our company go to distribute weekly  the goods  within the distribution lines and specific drawn destinations to serve the P.O.S in order to prevail the brand in various selling points that address the final consumer There are company's Brand managers, who are the follow-up and management of delegates, are responsible about all the affairs and business details concerning all varieties Brand.After developing and  locating a  stand  for a brand in P.O.S. ,a  beauty advisor ,vendor , is  employed by our company to be interested in stand affairs    (cleaning - Order - Format - sell and promote), and this vendor has been already trained  by  a  beauty expert  of  the company .

5 - Promotion:

Promotion is applied by the company with starting from invitations for all customers to the launching ceremony Brand through all elements of promotional mix (advertising through various means advertising [ Exhibitions – events --radio - TV spot - semester -  rebates-  - gifts – coupon –-S.M. S _ Facebook and the Internet and given gifts periodically for competition to encourage and motivate vendors as well as shop owners to increase sales.


6- Evaluation and Review:

 At the end of each year, the company matches and  refers  to  what has been accomplished and achieved numbers, in addition to the spread of points with pre-existing targets under the annual plan as well as determined percentage of completion of the subsequent development of the annual plan in coordination with the parent company of the brand..


Chief Executive Officer { C E O }: Khaled Muhdi Al Tounsi
Deputy General Manager Osama Refaieh
Public Relations Manager : Omran Abbar
Sales Manager : Yasser Refaia
Marketing Manager : Bassem Hamida
Marketing & Advertising Advisor : Maha Ibo.jpg
Executive Secretary : Fadwa Al Kady
Work Team
Beauty Art Community
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Marketing & Advertising Advisor : Maha Ibo