Hair Care


Beauty Art Company is the exclusive agent in Syria for new line hair color dyes.

Dermacol Hair color was developed in cooperation with professional and leading manufacturer of hair dyes that is especially for Arab countries. It has a lot of different shades with high quality and active professional ingredients.  The color result is intensive and long lasting,100% coverage, brilliant look. Hair color ensuresoutstanding covering and perfect color stability. Moreover, it nourishes the hair with high-quality active oils such as( Almond protein andKeratin) during the coloring procedure .Dermacol Creamy Oxidant is a developer formulated for use with Dermacol Professional Hair ColorContains high-quality active substanceslike Jojoba oil. Dermacol Creamy Oxidant is available in 4 strengths.It is recommended to be added only immediately before the color treatment.

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Beauty Art Company is interested in importing and distributing different kinds of Personal Care for Body, Hair and Skin Products

Beauty Art Company doesn’t forget the family needs of hair care, moisturizing body creams, deodorants, and many different kinds of care products .Accordingly, the company seeks to import everything related to personal care products of the best and most famous international brands which the clients could find them in the company's P.O.S, beauty salons, pharmacies and hair salons.

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Beauty Art Company is the exclusive agent in Syria for Sadapack (Elegance). Elegance is a cosmetics company based in Lebanon. Elegance is men’s and women’s beauty products made from natural ingredients including hair products, gel, moisturizers, creams, hair styling, nail polish remover, shampoos, conditioners, hot oil treatments, and more.

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Loris cream is made of Brazil. It is for hair care that restores health status, repairs all the problems of hair that has to do with dry and dyed hair; treat all hair problems like bombing and loss and others. It renews cells and restores hair vitality and bright appearance to it. Brazil is considered the most famous country in the world for producing such products that are made from natural sources like fruits, trees leaves, and sea weeds as well as to different natural oils like olives and others.

Loris has a lot of kinds that are solutions to heal all the hair diseases such as keratin, garlic, honey, fruits and various oils which are full of important protein for damaged dyed hair. It is economic for usage .Its capacity is 1000 gram.

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