Body Care

Beauty Art Company is interested in importing and distributing different kinds of Personal Care for Body, Hair and Skin Products

Beauty Art Company doesn’t forget the family needs of hair care, moisturizing body creams, deodorants, and many different kinds of care products .Accordingly, the company seeks to import everything related to personal care products of the best and most famous international brands which the clients could find them in the company's P.O.S, beauty salons, pharmacies and hair salons.

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Aria Company of body care products such Levinia

Asian Company specialized in producing personal care products for body and hair, which obtains the ISO Certificate for Quality 9001. Aria’s brands have female, male and teen fragrances, hairstyling, body care, Halal oral care and medicated products: ( Levinia - XXS – Sta – Jaris – Rain ) All the above products are unique and distinctive because of their high quality, modern style, suitable for the Middle Eastern consumers and having an everlasting Asian’s impression.

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