"DERMACOL "European Company For Skin Care & Cosmetice

Beauty Art company  has focused on the beauty of women and sought to highlight it by  getting the exclusive agency of Dermacol Company ; the European Union Company of Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and France , that is specialized in producing cosmetics, skin & body care products that are made of natural resources taken from Japan, Italy, Germany ,France and Spain.
It is considered the first company in the world that has manufactured the famous base cream in Europe “Make-Up Cover” which is considered the first magnificent foundation of its kind in Europe as well as in all over the world . Because “Make-Up Cover Foundation”   has been successfully launched in the world, its license has been sold to Hollywood studios in America since 1969 because of being super make-up cover for hiding significantly about 90% of the face defects. So the famous Hollywood actresses & actors have been using it. Then it has been developed into the present format and new sophisticated, diverse, and distinctive forms to serve the different needs of women in all over the world. Dermacol Company has not stopped at that point, but has developed producing an integrated series of products for all types of skin & body care for women as well as for men. Then it  was developed into the present new format in order to serve all the beauty needs of the women in all over the world .Dermacol Company does not stop at this point ,they have developed one set manufactured from the same ingredients to form many different products for skin care and body , for all skin types and for woman and man .

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LAYLA Italian Cosmetics & Nail Polish Company

Beauty Art Company is the exclusive agent in Syria for the Italian Company “ LAYLA “ of manufacturing Cosmetics & Nail Polish with 
sixty years of experience and progressive .

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Deborah Italian Company For Cosmetics & Skin Care

Deborah Group Company is a family business institution that had been   established since 1903.  Now it is in its fourth generation. A leading name in the Italian cosmetics market, Deborah group makes beauty an affordable pleasure for all women, Deborah had been undertaking continuous laboratory research and employing ground breaking technology to develop top-quality cosmetics with a proven ability to fully satisfy the beauty needs of all women.

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BELL “is the Polish Cosmetics Company.

Beauty Art Company is the exclusive agent in Syria for the polish cosmetics brand “. BELL“

Bell Company established in1983 Leading cosmetic brand in Poland and BELL brand can boast of certificates ISO and GMP.The main advantages associated with this fact are derived from the fulfillment of fundamental principles of the system of certification .It spreads over than 

40 export markets. Their lines are: Lip, Eye, nail and Face Products.

Bell is the best among other cosmetics competitive brands because of  the following aspects:  its High quality, reasonable and moderate prices, modern products, Flexible offer, Compliance with global trends, Complete range of make-up products, Stable  position on markets, experienced team, prestigious awards, In-house manufacturing, and Constant growth of sales.  Moreover, it is distinguished of manufacturing Hypoallergenic Line for all cosmetics products.

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MIYO�IS the Polish Cosmetics Company

Beauty Art Company is the exclusive agent in Syria for the polish cosmetics brand

MIYO is for teenager’s young, brave and trendy girls. It is distinguished by its Good price, fresh colors and good quality! Pierre Rene Professional offers an extremely wide range of cosmetics. Their best-sellers are mascaras, eye shadows, lip-glosses, nail varnishes, lipsticks, foundations, eye- and lip-liners and correctors. They have 3 brands in our assortment: Pierre Rene Professional, Miyo, and Medic. Their mission is to produce products of high quality for reasonable money. Pierre Rene Company has certificate GMP ISO 22716:2007.  With 20 years of experience on the Polish market and 6 years of experience on the international markets, Export department evolves dynamically and Pierre Rene takes part in international fairs like Cosmoprof Bologna, Intercharm Moscow, PLMA Amsterdam, and MDD Expo Paris. They export their products to: Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, Turkmenistan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Holland, Iran, Tunis, UAE, Lebanon, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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