Parour French Perfumes made of Paris

In 1986, Parfums Parour Company opened in Paris and produced fantastic Perfumes that renowned internationally by recognizing worldwide in over 70 countries on all continents. The company depends on exploring scents and senses, produces this passionate shared inspiration on mixing materials, ranging from elegant; to inspire a  universe collection that embodies a model of harmony and refinement  in the incarnation of contemporary elegance and timeless style.
The most famous illustrious brands of perfume's Parourthat have made the group’s reputation since its inception so wide:Lomani, Kristel Saint Martin, RémyLatour, Giorgio Valenti and Roberto Vizzari.

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NIKE Perfumes

NIKE Perfumes.

Beauty Art Company is the exclusive agent in Syria for the famous international brand "NIKE" for classic and sorptive Fragrances , Perfumes � shower gel and Deodorants that are Made in Spain by De Ruy Perfumes,S.A

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"DIADORA" Italian brand for Perfumes

From the inspiration of Italian perfume, Beauty Art company has inspired the idea of being the agent of DIADORA brand from Extraordinary Fragrance Company , an Italian perfumes for special odors of the body such as shower gels, deodorant, and perfumes
to satisfy all the needs of the family members ; men and women, both young sports men and women in particular . Beauty Art Company offers these high-qualities, Italian specifications of such products at the best economical prices

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RICH & RUITZ PERFUMES are French prestiage luxury perfumes that filled by United Arab Emirates at a conomic price .

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Real Madrid

Real Madrid Sports Club Football It is located in the center of Madrid city in Spain. It was established 1902 and participated in the first Spanish division for professional champions since 1929. The club has achieved the most valuable tournaments in the world, Europe and the Club Championship 9 times when it received the highestnumberofwinsin the Spanish league, which stood at 32in thetitle. It was approved byFIFAasthebestclubofthetwentiethcentury.

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Barcelona Sporting Club Football

It represents the oldest club in the city of Barcelona in Spain. It was established as a football club in 1899 . This club won several championships and achieved  the most important historical  achievements for six trophies in one season 2009 -2010 . They are the Champions League,  La Liga,  Copa del Rey,  the Club World Cup, SuperLiga Cup andOgiraoagiraSuperEuropean Cup

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ROCCOBAROCCO� Italian brand of the prestige & luxury Perfume

The fragrance of luxury Italian perfume has inspired Beauty Art Company to be the exclusive agent of Roccobarocco brand in Syria. The idea of perfume has been derived from the most important Artistry Renaissance Age in Italy called “Baroque Age” which represents the third dimension of everything, and recalls the Baroque style.
Roccobarocco Fragrances have offered the fragrance of natural flowers ; such as Cyclamen, Peony, Violet, and Sandal tree to modern woman to increase charm, femininity and elegance to her beauty. Roccobarocco has not forgotten the man, On the contrary, he has been offered the best perfumes made of the essence of Musk, Lily of the valley, Lemon, and Almond Wood to be the title of his smart and manhood.

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