Head Office

The Company and Subsidiaries

Bilal and Tounsi Company (BTC) was established in 1986, specialized in importing and exporting Synthetic yarns, fabrics and garments. In 1993 the company expanded to establish Bilal &Tounsi & Abbar (BTA) Company to work in commerce, shipment and customs clearance. In 1999 BTA and Al-Yassar Company established a new company for importing medical and laboratory equipment under the name of AL-Sham Company for Medical Laboratory Equipment. In early 2007, The Syrian Trade law was modified to allow the importation of cosmetics. At that time Beauty Art Company was merged by the union of BTA Co. and Refaia Co. for Cosmetic, Skin and Body Care products, and Items of personal Care Trading.

Company Structure

1. Chief Executive Officer { C E O } : Khaled Muhdi Al Tounsi

2. Deputy General Manager : Osama Refaieh .

3. Purchasing Manager: Mohamed Yasser Refaia .

4. Public Relations Manager : Omran Abbar .

5. Advertising Manager : Maha Ibo.

6. Executive Secretary: Fadwa Alkade .

7. HR: ziyad Hafez

Marketing Managment

1. Marketing Manager :Basem Hamida & Muhamed Al-Sabagh

2. Sales Supervisor : Jamal Hajo.

3-Sales Supervisor : Alaa Al-Maghrebi Beauty

Experts Managment

1. Beauty (Cosmetic & Skin) Expert Manager : Alona Derki .

2. Make-UP Artist : Manal Ebo

Beauty Art Community

• Number of staff : 100 employees including administrators, sellers, distributors, workers and sales representatives.

• Number of delivery vehicles: 17 cars.

• Number of stores: 3 warehouses of 2500 square meters.

• Number of P.O.S.: 3000 P.O.S.

• Number of company’s galleries: 8 centers .

Beauty Art Company Concept

“ The Seller is the Expert “ is to import cosmetics with international quality and distinctive specifications . The company keens to launch these products in the local market within the scientific, technical strategy, and focuses on the concept of each seller should be an expert in cosmetics and skin care before being a seller .

Beauty Art Company Plans

The structural plans depend on development, modernization .They are based on studying the local market and getting an evolution about the area and its missed and necessary needs . Moreover , the company depends on a qualified experts that would advise the clients with the most important rules of skin care and developed method of cosmetics art .

Company Main Purpose

Educating women about skin science and the importance of daily skin care as well as helping them to keep their skin bright and fresh for the longest possible period of life is the main purpose of the Company. Since the Syrian society culture and knowledge of skin care is relatively less than other neighboring Arab countries, the company insists on paying women’s attention to the necessity of being familiar with the correct caring methods of skin. Thus a qualified specialized team is considered by the company to present a lot of cultural sessions about skin care and its health. Moreover, the experts concern on applying the modern skin science by specifying the types of skin and recognizing the qualities of each type, then knowing the healthy suitable treatment.

The other Goals of Company

The second aim of Beauty Art Company is to deliver the personal products with good international quality to all segments of society at the suitable prices to satisfy the needs of local market. As a result, the company achieves the third aim of gaining a reasonable financial profit.